Coreform training

Coreform training helps you to take full advantage of the industry's leading simulation software.

Coreform has many tools for challenging simulations. To ensure your success, Coreform offers several options for training:

  • Coreform spline-based simulation short course
  • Coreform Trelis Training
  • Coreform Trelis Advanced Training

All training courses are taught by our experienced Coreform team and are very hands-on.

Spline-based simulation short course

The objective of this two-day short course is to provide a foundation of smooth spline-based simulation theory and applications. Applicants will understand the current state of the art, along with limitations. This course will be unique from other academically focused short courses in the fields of spline-based simulation and isogeometric analysis (IGA) because of its mixture of theory with hands-on application using our Coreform Trelis preprocessor and Coreform Crunch solver.

See our training pricing and locations.

Coreform Trelis basic training

Let us show you how to use Coreform Trelis. Coreform's Coreform Trelis Basic course is a two-day course and consists of hands-on lessons designed to help those who are new to Coreform Trelis become familiar with Coreform Trelis features.


None. Students will be taught basic Coreform Trelis meshing concepts.

Course Topics

The Coreform Trelis Basic training lessons include:

  • Getting started
  • Interface basics
  • Basic Trelis process
  • Usability tools
  • Geometry tools
  • Power tools
  • Immersive Topology Environment for Meshing (ITEM)
  • Meshing schemes
  • Geometry Decomposition
  • Mesh control
  • Boundary conditions
  • Geometry cleanup
  • Scripting using Python

*Optional day consists of attendees working on their own projects with a roaming instructor assisting students.

See our training pricing and locations.

Coreform Trelis advanced training

Once you feel comfortable using the basic features of Coreform Trelis, let us show you some advanced meshing techniques. Coreform's Advanced Training is a two day course and consists of eight hands-on lessons that cover advanced meshing tasks.


Attendees of the Advanced course should have attended the Basic course or possess a comfortable level of competency with Coreform Trelis.

Course Topics

The Advanced training lessons include:

  • Data management
  • Mesh quality
  • Special meshing algorithms
  • Mesh-defined geometry and mesh editing
  • Mesh detail control
  • Conforming meshing
  • Advanced sweeping
  • Metadata

Bring your own models to work on.

See our training pricing and locations.

Attend a training course

Coreform holds periodic training courses in various locations in Utah or onsite. Training is scheduled on the following dates:

Spline-based simulation short course
Temporarily unavailable
Orem, Utah
Trelis Basic Training
Temporarily unavailable
Orem, Utah

Contact Coreform to schedule training.

Training Costs — Utah Training

The costs for the training courses are

  • Coreform short course (2 days) — $750 per person
  • Coreform Trelis Training (2 days) — $1,500 per person
  • Advanced Training (1 day) — $750 per person

*Travel expenses to Utah are not included.

Onsite Training Courses

Sometimes it's difficult to get away for several days to attend a training. Companies who want several people to be trained on Coreform Trelis will often host a training at their location.

The costs for hosting an onsite training at your location are

  • Coreform Trelis Training (2 days) — $1,500 per person
  • Advanced Training (1 day) — $750 per person
  • Reasonable travel expenses for the instructor(s)

Additional Information

  • Minimum of three attendees required to hold any course. Coreform has the right to cancel any training with less than three attendees.
  • Maximum class size should be no more than 10 people.
  • A second trainer is required for more than six students.
  • Each participant will need to bring their own laptop computer.

Contact Coreform to schedule training.

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