Licensing downloads

RLM-Server manages floating licenses on a network, allowing multiple users to share licenses.

The RLM-Server is the license manager for using floating licenses on a network. Install RLM-Server on a designated license server and activate the floating license. Then, install the software on any network computer whether Windows, Linux, or Mac.

RLM Server downloads have moved to the products downloads page.

If you want to host Trelis 17.1 licenses alongside Coreform Cubit licenses on the same RLM-Server, download this patch for Trelis 17.1.
It contains a patched version of the licensing library, one for each platform. on Linux, libtrelis_lm.dylib on Mac, and trelis_lm.dll on Windows.
Copy the library into the “bin” directory of the Trelis 17.1 installation and overwrite the existing file there.