Better simulation through better geometry

Providing more accurate finite element analysis results and a tighter connection between design and engineering through isogeometric analysis.

What is FEA

Finite element analysis (FEA) is a computational approach used to determine how a product will behave when subject to complex conditions like crash, temperature changes, fatigue, etc.

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IGA: next-gen FEA

A critical decision when running FEA is how you will represent the model being simulated. IGA is more accurate and robust than traditional FEA because it leverages exact geometry.

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IGA research results

IGA has matured significantly since the first IGA paper was introduced in 2005, becoming one of the hottest research fields in FEA and computer graphics.

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Try IGA soon

Coreform Process is a new preprocessor we are developing that will take your existing meshed geometry and convert it to a smooth model for use in LS-DYNA.

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The future of IGA

At Coreform, we have invented a new geometry type called U-splines, which we harness to pass CAD data into simulation as well as smoothing out mesh data for more accurate simulations.

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About Coreform

Coreform LLC develops high-end simulation tools for automotive, aerospace and other engineering professionals.

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