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Our experienced team of engineers can help you solve your challenging simulation problems.

Time is money. Sometimes it makes sense to have experienced Coreform engineers help get the work done. You can even come to our office and work side-by-side with our expert team. Coreform offers various types of consulting services:



Spline-based simulation.

Spline-based simulation is a fundamentally better way to do finite element analysis. Coreform's spline-based solver uses the splines associated with the geometry rather than the FEA mesh to predict behavior, giving more accurate results at a fraction of the time.

Let our world-class team show you how you can get more accurate results much faster than traditional FEA.

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Meshing services.

Many CAE analysts prefer spending their time on actual analyses rather than preparing the mesh. Coreform can help by preparing the mesh for you. You can also come to our facilities and work with our expert team to prepare the mesh.

We want to see you succeed. Let our world-class team help with generating the mesh.

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Travel guidelines.

If we need to visit you at your office, we'll do our best to keep travel costs reasonable.

  • Coreform will charge for reasonable and customary travel, lodging, meals, and local transportation.
  • Airfare will be the most direct route possible.
  • Full travel days are billable.
  • Lodging will be reasonable accommodations available as close to the client's place of work as possible.
  • If local transportation requires a rental vehicle, charges sufficient for a mid-sized vehicle will apply.
  • Meal charges will not include alcohol or individuals other than the consultant.
  • Every effort will be made to minimize travel related charges.

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