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Getting started

Coreform Trelis

Installation — Standalone

Instructions for installing a node-locked license of Coreform Trelis on a standalone computer.

Installation — Network

Instructions for installing a floating license of Coreform Trelis on a network.

Coreform Trelis Overview

Overview of the Coreform Trelis GUI, including toolbars, command panels, etc.

Coreform Crunch

Coreform Crunch uses a better way to do finite element analysis using smooth splines instead of FEA meshes.

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Video tutorials

Visit the Coreform YouTube channel for more videos.

ITEM Wizard

Using the ITEM Wizard to guide you through the meshing process from importing to preparation to exporting.


Creating meshable volumes in Coreform Trelis.

Extended Selection

Using Python to create filters for the Extended Selection tool.


Using power tools to clean up a model in preparation for meshing.

Cube With Hollow Sphere

Using symmetry to mesh a cube volume that has a hollow sphere inside.

Boolean Operations

Using powerful Boolean operations to intersect, subtract, and unite volumes in Coreform Trelis.

Journal Files

Understanding the powerful use of journal files to save and share Coreform Trelis commands.

IDless Journal Files

Sandia National Laboratories' CUBIT tutorial on using IDLess journal files. Applicable to Coreform Trelis.

Vertex Types

Sandia National Laboratories' CUBIT tutorial on vertex types. Applicable to Coreform Trelis.
Sample files: example19_1.cub, example19_2.cub


Sandia National Laboratories' CUBIT tutorial on pillowing. Applicable to Coreform Trelis.
Sample files: example20_1.cub, example20_2.cub

Localizing the GUI

Create Qt translation source and message files for localizing the Coreform Trelis GUI, such as changing menus, tooltips, and prompts to another language.

X-ray Selection

Using X-Ray selection to select entities that are hidden behind other entities.

Partial Sphere

One method for meshing a partial sphere using Coreform Trelis.


Using the midsurface command to create multisurfaces midway between pairs of surfaces.

Import/Export Toolbars

Custom toolbars can be shared with other Coreform Trelis users.

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Step-by-step tutorials

Coreform Forum

Take advantage of this great resource to find answers and post questions. about geometry, meshing, importing/exporting, and more.