Coreform Cubit Learn activation

1. Sign up

  • Log in to or sign up for a Coreform account.

  • Click the “Request Free Coreform Cubit Learn License” link on the left sidebar.

  • Click the “Get Coreform Cubit Learn” button.

2. Download and install

  • Go to the downloads page. Select the correct version of Coreform Cubit for your computer and opperating system.
  • Your download will begin immediately. Choose “Save File,” select a folder location, and click “Save.”
  • Locate and double-click the downloaded file to launch the installer (look for Coreform-Cubit-“Year of download” (for example 2022.9), followed by .exe, .dmg, .rpm or .deb).

  • Follow the prompts to accept the terms of use and begin installation. Pick an install location.

3. Activate

  • Launch Coreform Cubit.

  • In the “Cubit Activation” dialog that appears, select “Educational” and log in with your Coreform account.

  • Click the “log in” button.
  • Select the “Close” button. Coreform Cubit will continue to launch and is now ready to use!