Coreform Cubit Licensing

Coreform Cubit is licensed as either a node-locked (standalone) or floating (network) license to meet your organization's needs. Because Coreform Cubit is licensed annually, you are always entitled to the latest version upgrades and maintenance releases throughout the entire year.

We can help you choose the licensing options that makes sense for your organization. Contact Coreform today.

Annual lease.

The annual lease ensures your organization that you are always using the latest technology. As new versions are available, you will automatically receive notice of the release and be able to easily update your software. When your license expires, simple renew your lease.

Coreform Cubit is delivered electronically from your Coreform account, so you can always have access to your software download. Don't have an account, yet? Sign up here.

Node-locked or floating.

Licenses can be purchased for a specific computer or for shared use over a network. A node-locked license permits the use of Coreform Cubit on a specific computer while a floating license allows anyone on a local area network to access Coreform Cubit based on the number of concurrent licenses purchased. For example, a single floating license will allow anyone on the network to use Coreform Cubit, one person at a time.

Node-locked License

When Coreform Cubit is installed and activated on a standalone computer, the Coreform Cubit license is tied to that computer. If you upgrade or change your computer, the license can be transfered.

Floating License

A floating license can be shared by network users. The Coreform Cubit license manager is installed and the license is activated on a network node or network server. Then, install Coreform Cubit software on the individual network computers that will use Coreform Cubit. Network computers do not need to run the same operating system to share the license.

  • Using a Workstation as License Server. Coreform Cubit can be installed and activated on a computer that is visible to other computers over the network. This computer acts as the license server. Then, Coreform Cubit can be installed on other network computers.
  • Using a Network Server as License Server. The Coreform Cubit license manager can be installed and activated on a network server. Then, Coreform Cubit can be installed on other network computers.

NOTE: The Coreform Cubit license is activated on the license server and controls the number of concurrent users. Network computers do not need to be activated.

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