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Coreform IGA is a solver that runs directly on lattice structures, CAD, and stl files. Unlike traditional FEA that first requires geometry to be defeatured and meshed, Coreform IGA is based on isogeometric analysis (IGA) technology and accepts a broad range of inputs and file formats.

No defeaturing or meshing required

Coreform IGA offers a full spectrum of input options and flexible modeling, allowing engineers to optimize manual effort for a desired solution solve time. Shown below is Coreform’s “Flex IGA” technology, which is an enhanced generalization of both immersed and traditional finite element analysis (FEA) approaches. Using Flex IGA, engineers can choose the level of effort they wish to spend to prepare design models for simulation, ranging from near-zero effort by automatically creating a bounding box simulation domain enveloping the model, to a progressively tighter fit of the spline simulation domain to the geometry to enable faster solve times.

Lattice structure CAD STL

Don’t mesh just simulation with Coreform IGA

Current Coreform IGA features

Coreform IGA currently supports contact, plasticity, implicit & explicit, static, dynamic, and large deformation simulations.

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Coreform IGA is a next-generation solver designed to revolutionize and radically accelerate the FEA process.

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Watch a webinar to learn more about the technical details of Coreform IGA.

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