Isogeometric analysis brings unprecedented accuracy and speed with revolutionary versatility.

Coreform IGA is an isogeometric analysis non-linear structural solver that delivers dramatically faster overall time to solution with improved accuracy. Coreform’s IGA technology allows calibration of simulation speed and accuracy to fit any stage of the product development process.

Coreform IGA delivers faster overall time to solution with improved accuracy

Coreform isogeometric analysis (IGA) technology packs more solution accuracy into every element, giving you actionable results more quickly and at less cost

IGA means greater accuracy

The superiority of smooth spline basis functions used in isogemetric analysis gives Coreform IGA greater accuracy per degree of freedom than traditional FEA.

Flex cable

IGA means tighter CAD connections

CAD models use smooth splines to precisely represent real world shapes. Coreform IGA can use these models directly even at very coarse element densities. Flex IGA modeling with Coreform Cubit minimizes geometry cleanup and mesh prepartion time.


IGA means more efficient compute

Coreform IGA leverages patent-pending U-splines to optimize computational efficiency through unique local h (element density), p (degree), and k (smoothness) adaptivity. Read a preprint of the U-splines technical paper.


IGA and Flex IGA modeling means calibrated speed and accuracy

Coreform IGA used in combination with Coreform Cubit introduces new possibilities for improved solution accuracy and model preparation while simultaneously reducing model preparation time dramatically.

Flex IGA modeling

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