Coreform Cubit Data Translators

Your analysis depends on your CAD

Coreform Cubit

High-quality data interoperability is important when using CAD for analysis. Cleaner data exchange means less need for geometry cleanup and decomposition, and that translates into lower cost and faster time to market.

Coreform Cubit Data Translators automatically repair geometry and topology, and perform tolerance resolution. With the Coreform Cubit Data Translators, there is no need to purchase expensive native programs.

Included in Coreform Cubit

Coreform Cubit supports many geometry and mesh file formats. Supported formats include:

File FormatFile ExtensionImport/ExportSupported Versions   
ANSYS(*.*)Export mesh and BCs
ANSYS(*.cdb)Export mesh16.0-17.0
Abaqus(*.inp)Import and export mesh and BCs
ACIS†(*.sat, *.sab)Import and export geometryR1-R25
AVS(*.avs)Import geometry only
CUBIT(*.cub)Import and export mesh and BCsAll
Exodus(*.e, *.exo)Import and export mesh and BCs
Facets(*.fac)Import and export geometry
Fluent(*.msh)Import and export mesh
GAMBIT(*.dbs)Import geometry only
Genesis(*.g, *.gen)Import and export mesh and BCs
I-DEAS(*.unv)Import and export mesh
IMPETUS(*.k*)Import and export mesh
LS-DYNA(*.k)Export mesh
Nastran(*.bdf)Import and export meshSiemens/Simcenter Nastran only
OpenFOAMExport mesh only
Patran(*.pat, *.neu, *.out)Import mesh and export mesh and BCs
STEP†(*.stp, *.step)Import and export geometry203, 214
STL(*.stl)Import and export geometryAll
UCD(*.ucd)Export mesh

† Indicates that the Cubit Data Translator is based on Spatial Corporation's 3D InterOp.

Optional Cubit data translators.

Coreform offers several optional Cubit Data Translators that provide the highest quality data exchange between CAD formats. These translators can be purchase as a node-locked or floating license. Cubit Data Translators are a cost effective way to significantly reduce your geometry preparation time.

File FormatFile ExtensionImport/ExportSupported Versions  
IGES†(*.igs, *.iges)Import and export geometryUp to 5.3
SolidWorks†‡(*.sldprt, *.sldasm)Import geometry2003-2015
Parasolid†‡(*.x_t, *.x_b)Import geometry9.0-27.0
Pro/E /Creo†(*.prt, *.asm)Import geometry16-Creo 3.0
CATIA v5†‡(*.CATPart, *.CATProduct)Import geometryR8-R25
NX†‡(*.prt)Import geometryNX1-NX10

† Indicates that the Cubit Data Translator is based on Spatial Corporation's 3D InterOp.

‡ Indicates that the Cubit Data Translator is only available for Windows.

Contact Coreform for pricing and licensing information for the optional Cubit Data Translators.