Advanced meshing for challenging simulations in nuclear energy

Maximize your investment in simulation technology in nuclear energy. Coreform Cubit’s pre-processing capabilities minimize the time spent on model preparation for FEA and CFD while maximizing control over mesh quality.

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Nuclear energy simulations require precise accuracy and a high degree of confidence to create designs and predict performance to meet rigorous nuclear regulations. Coreform Cubit provides fully automated and semi-automated meshing routines, as well as manual methods that provide complete meshing control, to ensure the high-quality model discretization necessary for nuclear energy simulations are accurate and delivered in a timely manner.

Coreform Cubit is the obvious choice for Nuclear Energy simulations because of its leading hex meshing tools, Python scripting, and strong integration with MOOSE and other NEAMS codes. Both Coreform Cubit and MOOSE natively use the Exodus file format and Coreform Cubit can also import complex geometries from other industry tools. Coreform Cubit provides advanced meshing for challenging Nuclear Energy simulations through a comprehensive toolset for high-quality FEA and CFD mesh generation. Coreform Cubit is widely used in the nuclear energy research community.

Radiant Industries, Inc. leveraged the state-of-the-art semi-automatic hex meshing capabilities in Coreform Cubit to accelerate reactor design. Radiant built a fully automatic, scripted process to use Coreform Cubit to mesh models for simulation to significantly increase simulation throughput saving over a month of model preparation time for the initial models.

Nuclear energy startup accelerates reactor design with Coreform Cubit

Coreform Cubit Case Study: Radiant uses Coreform Cubit as a critical part of its process to design a safe, portable nuclear microreactor.

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