Introducing Coreform Cubit Learn

An easy-to-learn interface and powerful, comprehensive feature-set make the free Coreform Cubit Learn license a great fit for students and hobbyists.

Learn with the best

Introducing Coreform Cubit Learn, the free non-commercial-use license of the premier meshing software. Coreform Cubit Learn is completely free and is available in an annual, renewable license, with fully-enabled functionality aside from a mesh export limit of 50,000 elements. This license is intended for students, hobbyists, researchers, and others who need access to high-quality meshing software for non-commercial use.

To learn more about Coreform Cubit features and capabilities, visit the product overview page.

If you would like to use Coreform Cubit for commercial use, contact Coreform sales.

Beginning with Coreform Cubit 2021.11, license activation requires internet access and an account at All legacy Coreform Cubit Learn licenses that used the RLM server will expire on January 17, 2022. All eligible users are invited to obtain a new Coreform Cubit Learn license for continued non-commercial use by following this process:

Sign up, download, and activate now

  1. Sign up
    • Login to or sign up for a Coreform account.
    • Click the “Request Free Coreform Cubit Learn License” link on the left sidebar.
    • Click the “Get Coreform Cubit Learn” button.
  2. Download & install
    • Go to Coreform Cubit Downloads page.
    • Download the most recent release of Coreform Cubit for your platform.
    • Follow the prompts to accept the terms of use and begin installation.
  3. Activate
    • Launch latest version of Coreform Cubit.
    • In the activation window that appears, select “Educational” and enter your email and password associated with your Coreform account.

For help with installation and getting started with Coreform Cubit, we invite you to watch and read our tutorials. As you explore Coreform Cubit, please help us understand how to make Coreform Cubit even better by sharing your goals, objectives, experiences, and any questions or feedback on our forum.