Coreform Cubit Case Studies

Why has Coreform Cubit been used globally for over two decades for some of the world’s most challenging industrial and academic engineering problems? Read our case studies to learn why it could be the best choice for you.

Exploring geodynamics on planetary satellites with Coreform Cubit

Coreform Cubit’s advanced meshing capabilities enable the California Institute of Technology to explore short-period crustal geodynamics on planetary satellites with complex 3D structures.

Background Dr. Mark Simons and his research group at Caltech conduct planetary-scale geodynamics research. They have developed finite-element models to probe crustal structure on planetary satellites, with a particular focus on Enceladus, a small (radius = 252 km), highly geologically active moon orbiting Saturn.

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Carollo upgrades to Coreform Cubit for CFD meshing of water treatment facilities

Carollo selects Coreform Cubit for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) meshing to replace the venerable GAMBIT software.

Background Carollo Engineers is the largest firm in the United States whose focus and practice, since 1933, have been dedicated solely to water-related engineering.

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Engineering instructor teaches multiphysics simulation using Coreform Cubit

A postdoctoral instructor at Austria’s TU Graz tried all the most widely-used meshing software options for students. He chose Coreform Cubit for its ease-of-use and powerful feature-set

Graz University of Technology (Technische Universität Graz, or TU Graz) is a leading public university located in Austria’s second largest city.

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Leading structural digital twin company Akselos relies on Coreform Cubit to efficiently mesh complex models

To mesh assemblies of thousands of components for highly accurate simulations, Akselos uses the scripting power of Coreform Cubit

Background Akselos SA is a fast-growing software technology company with offices around the globe, enabling the delivery of structural digital twins for integrity management of large complex assets in operation for leading companies in oil and gas, mining, and green energy production.

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Nuclear energy startup accelerates reactor design with Coreform Cubit

Radiant uses Coreform Cubit as a critical part of its process to design a safe, portable nuclear microreactor.

Background Radiant Industries, Inc. was founded by former SpaceX engineers in 2019 to develop a portable and economical nuclear reactor.

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Research group relies on Coreform Cubit to generate high-quality models for numerical simulations

Coreform Cubit is used at Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg to generate parametrizable meshes for numerical simulations of various problems

Background Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Numerical Field Calculation (TET) is a research group at the Helmut Schmidt University, University of the Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg, Germany.

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