Coreform Cubit case studies

Why has Coreform Cubit been used globally for over two decades for some of the world’s most challenging industrial and academic engineering problems? Read our case studies to learn why it could be the best choice for you.

Coreform Cubit’s advanced meshing capabilities enable the California Institute of Technology to explore short-period crustal geodynamics on planetary satellites with complex 3D structures.

Radiant uses Coreform Cubit as a critical part of its process to design a safe, portable nuclear microreactor.

Carollo selects Coreform Cubit for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) meshing to replace the venerable GAMBIT software

Coreform Cubit is used by the chair of the Theoretical Electrical Engineering at the Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg to generate parametrizable meshes for numerical simulations of various problems.

To mesh assemblies of thousands of components for highly accurate simulations, Akselos uses the scripting power of Coreform Cubit.

A postdoctoral instructor at Austria’s TU Graz tried all the most widely-used meshing software options for students. He chose Coreform Cubit for its ease-of-use and powerful feature-set.