Webinar: Powered by Python

Expanding functionality and automating advanced workflows with Coreform Cubit's Python API.

Published: 12 March 2021

Coreform’s free webinar series continues with this long-awaited look into Coreform Cubit’s Python API.

In this webinar, Cubit expert Gregory Vernon will demonstrate how to use Coreform Cubit’s Python API to extend and maximize the power of Cubit. The Cubit/Python integration is one of the key features that makes Coreform Cubit the most adaptive and powerful meshing tool for complex models and demanding simulations. It allows users to add their own meshing algorithms and the automations they need for their own applications.

Learn how to extend the functionality of Coreform Cubit, automate workflows, and deploy your models with Python scripting in this free hourlong webinar. Attend live to take advantage of interactive Q&A.

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Webinar details:

In this webinar we will show how to use Coreform Cubit’s powerful Python API to extend the functionality of Coreform Cubit. We will show you how to:

  • Access the broad Python ecosystem in order to develop unique solutions for your meshing and model-building challenges.
  • Automate your critical workflows and integrate your solutions into the Coreform Cubit GUI for ease-of-access.
  • Incorporate Coreform Cubit into your existing Python-based simulation workflows by importing Coreform Cubit as a Python module.

Webinar outline (subject to change):

  1. Adding numpy or other modules to Cubit’s Python.
  2. Executing Python in the GUI
  3. Accessing the Cubit-Python API documentation
  4. Generating Cubit Commands using the Coreform Cubit GUI commands and the history tab
  5. Using cubit.cmd() to execute any Cubit Command
  6. Accessing and using other methods and objects in cubit module
  7. Building a simple Cubit-Python script that runs in GUI
  8. Building a GUI command that implements this Cubit-Python script
  9. Calling this Cubit-Python script from an external Python workflow using import cubit and cubit.init([])

See our previous and upcoming webinars for some of Coreform Cubit’s most useful features and how to use them.

Is there a topic you’d like to see a webinar about? Let us know on the forum or email us at support@coreform.com.

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