About Coreform

Better simulation through better geometry


Coreform's mission is to enable our customers to develop superior products using innovative engineering simulation software. We achieve this through deep technical expertise, unconstrained creativity, and ambitious vision.


We believe that the current design and simulation workflow is broken. It is too computationally expensive to run highly accurate simulations, and it takes too long to prepare the simulation data from CAD models. We envision a world where companies can quickly and accurately move through the design-analyze-iterate process so that they can bring new products to market that will benefit the worldwide community.

In keeping with our vision to be a world leader in innovative engineering simulation software, we are developing next-generation technology based on the same underlying technology used in CAD. This smooth-spline-based approach introduces unprecedented computational speed, robust predictive power, and lower element counts that enables our customers to reduce physical prototyping, increase product design iterations, and ultimately decrease time to market.


Our team has decades of experience successfully bringing new technology to market in CAD and CAE, and includes some of the top researchers in the field. Creating opportunities for professional and personal growth for our employees is at the core of who we are.

We are partnering closely with forward-thinking automotive, defense, and other companies as we develop our software. We would love to talk with you about your simulation and design challenges and discuss how spline-based simulation can open up an entirely new regime of speed and accuracy!