Spline-based simulation

What is Spline-based Simulation?

Spline-based simulation is finite element analysis unshackled from the inefficient geometry approximation used for the last half-century, and harnessed instead to a watertight, rigorous, and flexible CAD-exact geometry that unlocks new levels of accuracy, speed, efficiency, and robustness.

The result is engineering simulation as it was meant to be — blazingly fast, unprecedentedly accurate, simplified and streamlined by its operation on lean, exact geometry. Spline-based simulation is the finite element method lifted to a higher level. It is more accurate per degree of freedom than FEA, more computationally efficient at every level of accuracy, and more robust.

It is also simulation analysis unburdened: the often difficult and time-consuming work of preparing analyzeable meshes is drastically simplified in spline-based simulation, where elements can smoothly curve to exactly fit model contours. It is also possible in a spline mesh to vary element properties as needed over the model geometry, mixing element types, sizes, and density along with levels of smoothness and polynomial degree. This flexibility makes it possible to adaptively tailor a mesh for better fit or higher resolution only where needed, minimizing computational weight without trade-off.

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