Research and reports

Spline-based simulation is usually called isogeometric analysis (IGA) in academia. Coreform Senior Advisor Dr. Tom Hughes is the father of the IGA movement, and many Coreform co-founders are prominent members of the IGA community. These reports highlight an overview of key IGA papers published in the community, as well as emerging research from Coreform. Coreform’s team also has deep expertise in meshing from our decades long collaboration with Sandia National Laboratory, and we share some of our published research here.

IGA research

For more than 15 years, thousands of papers have been published advancing the field of isogeometric analysis, and published isogeometric analysis research is growing exponentially. Key themes are emerging.

Meshing research

Our team has been involved in developing new meshing technology used in meshing tools all over the world.

Coreform reports

Coreform reports are authored by Coreform technical staff often in collaboration with other researchers and students.

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