Mesh generation

Let us show you how to use Coreform Trelis. The Trelis Basic course is a two-day course and consists of hands-on lessons designed to help those who are new to Trelis become familiar with Trelis features.

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Spline-based simulation short course

As commercial interest in smooth spline-based simulation grows, there is increasing demand by early adopters to understand the fundamentals of this type of simulation, and how it compares with traditional finite element analysis. The objective of this two-day short course is to provide a foundation of smooth spline-based simulation theory and applications. Applicants will understand the current state of the art, along with limitations. This course is unique from other academically focused short courses in the fields of spline-based simulation and isogeometric analysis (IGA) because of its mixture of theory with hands-on application using our Coreform Process preprocessor and Coreform Analyze solver.

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