Coreform Cubit

Coreform Cubit Academic Licensing

An easy-to-learn interface and the ability to generate high-quality meshes make Coreform Cubit a great fit for universities.

Universities worldwide use Coreform Cubit.

Whether meshing is taught as part of a CAE course or used for a simulation project, hundreds of universities worldwide rely on Coreform Cubit for high-end meshing.

Academic use.

Qualifying universities can get an academic license of Coreform Cubit for teaching and academic research (non-commercial). The academic license is not limited by number of elements, file type, or number of uses. If you feel you qualify for an academic license, contact Coreform sales for pricing information.

Affordable licensing.

The academic license of Coreform Cubit is available as a node-locked or floating license and can be purchased on an annual lease license (see Coreform Cubit Licensing for more information).

When you're ready, contact Coreform to order the academic license.

Try Coreform Cubit for yourself

See for yourself why Coreform Cubit is Tthe pre-processor of choice of engineers worldwide. Try Coreform Cubit on your own models free for 30 days.