CUBIT and Coreform Trelis

Why are there two versions?

For almost three decades, our team has worked with Sandia National Laboratories to develop the CUBIT Geometry and Mesh Generation Toolkit. Sandia distributes CUBIT to U.S. government entities and asked Coreform to handle licenses to non-government users. Coreform Trelis is CUBIT for commercial and academic users. Over the years, we've added additional features and provided timely maintenance updates for non-government users.

Many companies, universities, and national labs worldwide have developed software that uses CUBIT mesh formats. Coreform Trelis supports the CUBIT .cub and .jou files and Python scripting, so you can use Coreform Trelis with third-party software just as you would CUBIT.

From CUBIT to Coreform Trelis.

In 2012, csimsoft released Trelis 14.0 based on the CUBIT code with specific features that meet the needs of the growing FEA and CFD markets. Trelis 14.0 is not just CUBIT 14.0 with another name. We've developed Trelis FEA, Trelis CFD, and Trelis Pro with the tools to meet the specific needs of today's engineers.

Branching the CUBIT code isn't unprecedented. In the mid 1990s, the CUBIT code was forked to become GAMBIT™. GAMBIT is a widely-used tool for Fluent mesh generation. Today, many GAMBIT users find that Trelis is easy to learn and goes far beyond the capability of GAMBIT.

Today, Coreform Trelis and CUBIT are nearly identical

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Why use Coreform Trelis?

Coreform Trelis and CUBIT provides the same high-end hexahedral and tetrahedral meshes for complex FEA and CFD simulation, however there are a few reasons you'll want to use Trelis:

  • CUBIT is only available to government entities and contractors who are granted a limited, government-use license from Sandia.
  • Trelis is not restricted to the the same maintenance and update schedule as Sandia. Coreform can provide more frequent updates to better respond to our commercial customers' needs.
  • The Trelis user interface is geared toward commercial users rather than government users.

Try Coreform Cubit for yourself

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