One of the most important factors in getting accurate simulation results is the quality and accuracy of the geometry being analyzed. Coreform Process is a spline-based simulation preprocessor that is used to generate analysis-suitable spline geometry from CAD for use in engineering simulation. Unlike faceted meshes currently used in traditional FEA, Coreform’s spline-based geometry accurately represents the original CAD model and yields more accurate analysis results.

Coreform Process (beta), combines the power of Coreform Trelis’ geometry creation, preparation, and mesh generation with U-spline technology to create high-quality analysis-suitable geometry for analysis in Coreform Analyze.

The analysis-suitable geometry created in Coreform Process requires fewer elements than traditional FEA to capture important geometric and solution features, greatly reducing total simulation time in Coreform Analyze. The geometry can also be exported to other solver codes that support spline-based simulation or isogeometric analysis , such as LS-DYNA®.

Coreform Process features include

  • Geometry creation
  • File import for common CAD formats
  • Geometry analysis, cleanup, and defeaturing
  • Meshing schemes and quality
  • Mesh refinement and manipulation
  • Scripting through journaling and Python
  • Convert FEA meshes to U-splines
  • (Initial support for direct CAD to U-splines conversion)


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