What’s new in Coreform Cubit 2021.11

Coreform Cubit 2021.11 is a significant release with new isogeometric analysis (IGA) functionality, a new lattice module called Coreform Lattice GC, new geometry modification commands, modernized documentation, Mac M1 support, support for NX import, and several bug fixes and minor enhancements.

1. IGA workflow: Coreform Cubit to ANSYS LS-DYNA and Coreform IGA

Coreform Cubit can now be used to preprocess CAD data for use in isogeometric analysis (IGA) simulations in ANSYS LS-DYNA and Coreform IGA. Coreform’s new IGA U-spline technology is compatible with NURBS (non-uniform rational B-splines), which are used by CAD programs to define parts. U-splines are also suitable for use directly in IGA, a next-generation FEA method that can your simulations by delivering faster overall time to solution with improved accuracy. U-spline surface and solid models can be generated using Cubit’s meshing schemes in Coreform Cubit 2021.11, and exported via the Bezier Extraction (BEXT) file format to LS-DYNA and Coreform IGA.

Coreform Lattice GC

2. New module: Coreform Lattice GC

Optimize 3D print lattice strength. Accelerate time from CAD to 3D print. Reduce the costs of physical prototyping and testing. Coreform Lattice GC is a new, separately licensed module that is fully integrated with Coreform Cubit, with patented control over the creation of geometry conforming lattice structures based on Cubit’s leading hex-meshing technology. Coreform Lattice GC offers meshing-driven lattice control, unlimited lattice types, unique levels of smoothness between lattice cells, and super-fast slicing.

Coreform Lattice GC

3. Geometry modification commands

Coreform is developing several new geometry modification commands to support both IGA and traditional FEA workflows. In this release, the taper face and smooth curve commands provide enhanced levels of geometry modification control.

4. Modern Coreform Cubit documentation

New in 2021.11 is a modern documentation system that is more responsive, searchable, and is tightly coupled with the Coreform Cubit codebase to ensure accuracy and staying in sync in the future.

5. Mac M1 support

Beginning in Coreform Cubit 2021.11, Mac M1 processors are supported.

6. Support for NX import

NX importers are now supported in Coreform Cubit 2021.11 as a separately purchased module.

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