Coreform Cubit tutorials

Get help with installation, learn how to use Coreform Cubit features, or follow a PDF tutorial at your own pace using the example files provided below.

Getting started




Introductory videos

How to mesh a simple volume using the ITEM Wizard in Power Tools

Example File (simple.sat)

How to mesh a simple volume using the command panel

Example File (simple.sat)

How to mesh a complex volume in Coreform Cubit using the ITEM Wizard in Power Tools

Example File (knuckle.sat)

How to mesh a complex volume in Coreform Cubit using the command panel

Example File (knuckle.sat)

How to use the Command line in Coreform Cubit

How to use Python Scripting in Coreform Cubit

Power Tools

The PowerTools ITEM tool provides a step by step process about how to use Coreform Cubit

Quick ITEM Tutorial- PDF

ITEM Webinar (meshing the knuckle)

Power Tools GUI


The Coreform Cubit GUI provides easy access to powerful meshing tools.

2020 GUI overview

Toobar Customization

Language Settings

Interface Basics

Journal Files

Journal files contain a list of all executed Coreform Cubit commands. Journal files are very helpful for iterating and scripting workflows, and allow users to write, save, edit, replay and share their work. Most Coreform Cubit users learn how to use Cubit with the GUI, then will modify their models using journal files or Python scripts.

Journaling in Coreform Cubit

Decomposition Tutorials

Most volumes require some measure of decomposition before they can be meshed with a hexahedral meshing scheme. Learn the most common methods in this tutorial.

Decomposition Tutorial (PDF)

Example File 01 (example01.sat)

Example File 02 (example02.sat)

Example File 03 (example03.sat)

Example File 04 (example04.sat)

Example File 05 (example05.sat)

Example File 06 (example06.sat)

Video tutorials

Visit the Coreform YouTube channel for tutorial videos.

  • Cubit 100
--> CUBIT 100
  • Cubit 100
    • Lecture 1: Introduction (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 2: Interface basics (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 3: Getting started (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 4: The Basic CUBIT Process (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 5: Usability Tools (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 6: Geometry Tools (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 7: CUBIT Power Tools (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 8: The Immersive Topology Environment for Meshing (ITEM) (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 9: Meshing Schemes (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 10: Geometry for Sweeping (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 11: Mesh Control (PPT | PDF)
  • Cubit 200
    • Lecture 12: Geometry for Sweeping II (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 14: Geometry Cleanup for Contiguous Assembly Meshing (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 15: Customization and Scripting (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 16: Cubit Scripting with Python (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 17: Id-less Journal Files (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 18: Local Mesh Modification (optional) (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 19: Vertex Types and Sweeping (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 20: Improving the Quality of Existing Hex Meshes (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 21: Sculpt (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 23: Boundary Layers (optional) (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 24: Mesh Scaling (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 25: Advanced Usability Tools (optional) (PPT | PDF)
    • Lecture 26: Tetrahedral Meshing Best Practices (PPT | PDF)
  • Zipped files

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