Semi-automated hexahedral meshing with interactive smart tools

Create faster high-quality hex meshes and hex dominant meshes by
deploying Coreform Cubit’s intelligent automation capabilities.

✂ Model cleanup

Detection and automatic removal of blend surfaces which interfere with automated hex meshing sweeping algorithms

⚎ Smart decomposition

Smart detection/suggestion of decomposition operations needed to enable mapping, sub-mapping or sweeping schemes

↯ Smart sweep

Smart recognition of nearly sweepable topologies and suggestion of source-target pairs

⇛ Forced sweep

Detection and automatic surface-compositing to force a sweep topology

⟳ Autoscheme

Automatic meshing scheme selection based on user-adjustable topological and geometric criteria

Mesh any CAD Geometry with robust hexahedral meshing algorithms

Coreform Cubit provides the most comprehensive feature set for solid hexahedral meshing, combined with smart automation to best hex meshing and hex-dominant meshing available.

Unrivaled hex meshing

State-of-the-art structured and unstructured hex meshing and hex dominant meshing with powerful, smart automation options.

Battle-tested algorithms

Deep stock of hex mesh and hex dominant mesh generation algorithms including paving, mapping, sub-mapping, sweeping and multi-sweeping.

Smart controls

User-guided adaptive or fully automatic interval sizing and scheme selection.

Smart defeaturing

User-guided, automated routines for detecting and removing sliver curves and surfaces.

Scripting & automation

Python integration and scripting tools to increase simulation speed and throughput


Mesh images courtesy of Sandia National Laboratories (available: