The industry's first commercial spline-based solver

Coreform Analyze (beta) is a spline-based analysis software package designed from the ground up specifically for processing analysis-suitable geometry. While Coreform’s software can accept many types of splines as input, U-splines provides the most general solution while satisfying the requirements of both CAD and CAE.

Coreform Analyze features include

  • Implicit and explicit dynamic solution algorithms
  • Non-linear material models and large deformation kinematics
  • Native support for [beams, shells, and] solids using NURBS, U-splines, and hierarchical splines
  • Refinement in h, p, and k
  • Accurate contact on course discretizations

Using analysis-suitable geometry, Coreform Analyze is able to run analysis significantly faster than traditional FEA solvers. For example, to predict delamination and wrinkling of a flat flex cable after bending and temperature change, Coreform Analyze ran a simulation on a desktop previously impractical for a customer to run on their HPC.