12.6 Graphics

Default mouse buttons (command line)

B1 = rotate B2 = zoom B3 = pan

Ctrl-B1 = pick entity (In graph win: 0,1,2,3,4 - Pick vert, curv, surf, vol, body)

Shortcuts (focus in Graphics Window)

a Add to selection group

b Toggle Bounding Box on Click

c Clear "picked" Group

d Display ’picked’ group, make it the selection

e Echo ID of selection to command line

f Assign function to mouse button

g List geometry of selection

h Print help

i Toggle visibility of selection

j/k Move slicing plane down/up

l List current selection (as if you typed ’list ...’)

m/n List picked group/selection contents

p Toggle Persistent Wireframe

q Quit Current Mode (Exit slicing if slicing)

r Remove from ’picked’ Group

s Toggle save-mesh on slice move

u Toggle mouse circle visibility

v Reset view

w Toggle Wireframe on click

x/y/z Slice along x/y/z-axis

Shift-Z Zoom on current selection

F1 Save view 1 Numbers: set what you’re picking.

ESC Cancel current Action

Tab Next possible selection

Shift-Tab Previous possible selection

Shift-S Activates graphics clipping plane controls