7 The Finite Element Model

This chapter describes the Cubit™ techniques used to complete the definition of the finite element model. The definitions of the basic items in an Exodus database are briefly presented, followed by a description of the commands a user would typically enter to produce a customized finite element problem description, and how to export the finite element model.  

    7.1 Global Element IDs

    7.2 Exodus

      7.2.1 Element Block Specification

      7.2.2 Exodus II File Specification

      7.2.3 Exodus II Model Title

      7.2.4 Exodus Coordinate Frames

      7.2.5 Defining Materials and Media Types

      7.2.6 Exodus Boundary Conditions and Element Types

      7.2.7 Nodeset and Sideset Specification

    7.3 Non Exodus

      7.3.1 Cubit Boundary Conditions

      7.3.2 Using CFD Boundary Conditions

      7.3.3 Using Constraints

      7.3.4 Using Contact Surfaces

      7.3.5 Cubit Initial Conditions

      7.3.6 Using Loads

      7.3.7 Miscellaneous Boundary Condition Commands Delete List Draw Highlight

      7.3.8 Using Restraints

      7.3.9 Boundary Condition Sets

    7.4 Export

      7.4.1 Exporting the Finite Element Model

      7.4.2 Defining PARAMS for NASTRAN

      7.4.3 Instancing Parts with ABAQUS

      7.4.4 Exporting ANSYS CDB files

      7.4.5 Exporting an Exodus II File

      7.4.6 Exporting Fluent Grid Files

      7.4.7 Exporting Sierra Files

      7.4.8 Transforming Mesh Coordinates