8 Customizing The User Experience

    8.1 The Power of Customization

      8.1.1 Customization Options Cubit Software Development Kit (SDK) for C++ Cubit-Python Interface Cubit Style Sheets Extended Selection Dialog Workflow Customization Adding Command Panels to the GUI

    8.2 Adding Command Panels to the GUI

    8.3 Workflows and Toolbars

      8.3.1 Importing an Existing Toolbar

      8.3.2 Creating a New Toolbar Creating a Command Panel Button

 Use the definition dialog

 Use the context menu on a command panel

 Drag a command panel onto the toolbar Creating a Journal File Button Creating a Python Script Button Creating a Basic Tool Button Modifying an Existing Toolbar

      8.3.3 Exporting a Toolbar

Cubit™ has always provided users with the ability to create some level of customization via its scripting language and journal files. The Algebraic Pre-Processor (APREPRO) adds another layer of detail and control to the process. When the Cubit Graphical User Interface was added to Cubit in 2004 Python was embedded into the framework and was made available via external scripting files or in the script tab.