Title: Full stack CAD web developer

Position summary

The full stack CAD web developer will implement a HTML/WebGL front end CAD/CAE application that will communicate over websockets with a C++ backend server containing a geometry kernel and analysis engine. Qualified applicants should have experience working with distributed web systems, 3d graphics development, and high performance computing. Coreform LLC is a startup; the full stack CAD web developer will have opportunities to wear several hats and contribute in a number of areas of development.


Coreform LLC develops highly accurate and integrated simulation tools for automotive, aerospace and other engineering professionals. Founded in 2014 and based in Provo, Utah, the company uses smooth CAD geometry directly in simulation for faster and more accurate results.

Coreform is addressing one of the most significant opportunities today in the computer-aided engineering market: unifying CAE with CAD. Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars and significant manual effort is wasted converting accurate CAD data to approximated mesh representations for CAE. This antiquated workflow is only necessary because CAD and CAE software rely on 40-year-old incompatible technologies, which introduces significant inefficiencies and severely limits the role simulation might play in product development. To address this, Coreform invented U-splines, the first commercially viable technology suitable for both highly accurate analysis and CAD. U-splines are compatible with both NURBS and FEA meshes, and accurately describe objects both for design and simulation - without any translation steps. U-splines offer promising applications in both mature and emerging markets.

Coreform’s founders are world experts in this field, and include Dr. Tom Hughes, member of the National Academy of Sciences and inventor of isogeometric analysis (IGA); Mr. Matthew Sederberg, former CEO of T-Splines (acquired by Autodesk in 2011), which introduced a next-generation modeling paradigm now widely used in CAD and industrial design; Dr. Michael Scott, pioneer in IGA and analysis-suitable geometry; Dr. Derek Thomas, inventor of U-splines; and Dr. Kevin Tew, expert in high-performance computing.

Join our team on an exciting adventure, funded by a number of commercial and government partners. Working at Coreform is both challenging and rewarding, and you will make fundamental, meaningful contributions. There are three areas of development at our company: a next-generation analysis-suitable geometry kernel (U-splines), a preprocessor (Coreform Process), and an isogeometric solver (Coreform Analyze). You will be focused on improving the U-splines geometry kernel but will assist in the maturation of the other products as well. Coreform offers market salaries to its employees with a bonus structure to allow employees the opportunity to participate in the growth and success of the company.

Report to: CTO, Derek Thomas, Ph.D.

Salary: Commensurate with experience

Benefits: Bonuses, health insurance, physical fitness credit

Preferred attributes:

  • Proactive, self-starting learning style
  • Interest in facing difficult programming and engineering challenges daily
  • Strong focus on test driven development
  • Experience in Typescript, Javascript, React/Redux
  • Interest in learning and using advanced applied mathematics
  • Background in CAGD or experience working with splines
  • Experience in systems-level programming, client-server architecture, and network programming
  • Experience in implementing HTTP servers and protocols
  • Experience in C++

Work focus

  • Designing and implementing a cloud hosted web application for CAD/CAE
  • Developing WebGL shaders, topology picking, selection, and CAE attribute assignment.
  • Executing test-driven development
  • Writing and documenting library-quality code

Supervisory responsibilities

This position is an individual contributor and has no supervisory responsibilities.

Work environment

Coreform is a highly collaborative workplace, and you will work closely with world experts in CAD, FEA, and high performance computing. We celebrate self-starters that are motivated by solving challenging problems, not just by punching a timeclock. Outside of work, we encourage employees to live healthy, balance lives through our employee health credit. In addition, all employees have operable sit-stand desks, and many employees enjoy a bike-to-work lifestyle. There is a possibility of remote work.


Coreform LLC is based in Orem, UT in the heart of Silicon Slopes. Located approximately 45 minute south of Salt Lake City, Orem provides easy access to the cultural hub of northern Utah. Orem is located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains and provides easy access to a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, climbing, skiing, and cycling.

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