At Coreform, we view IGA as the core of tomorrow's integrated design and simulation workflows. We are currently writing a new IGA-based solver, Coreform Analyze, from scratch, targeted specifically at simulation problems that aren't well handled by traditional FEA, such as fracture, with requirements being driven by commercial and government partners. Contact us today if you are interested in Coreform Analyze and want us to consider your requirements as we develop it.

Better simulation through better geometry

Simulation — and design — is only as good and as accurate as the geometry that you are using. At Coreform, we have invented a new geometry type called U-splines, which we harness to pass CAD data into simulation as well as smoothing out mesh data for more accurate simulations. U-splines is patent-pending and its first papers will be published later this year. Because U-splines are compatible with NURBS, T-splines, Beziers, and meshes, they offer an intriguing basis for creating designs and class A surfaces with analysis-suitable geometry--truly integrating simulation and design. Contact us if you'd like to learn more about U-splines.


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