Coreform organization update

OREM, UTAH — Dr. Micheal A. Scott becomes the CEO of Coreform.

Published: 14 February 2023

Following Dr. Michael Scott’s decision to join Coreform full-time, we are excited to announce an updated corporate organization. Matthew Sederberg has assumed the new role of Chief Strategy Officer, and Dr. Scott is succeeding him as CEO.

Other co-founders continue in their pre-existing roles with the following titles:

Dr. Michael A. Scott: Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Matthew Sederberg: Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Derek Thomas: Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Kevin Tew: Chief Information Officer

Dr. Michael Borden: Chief Product Officer

Mr. Sederberg announced the change here. Connect with him directly on LinkedIn to follow Coreform’s development through this exciting time.

About Coreform LLC
Coreform develops next-generation computer-aided engineering software. Among Coreform’s founders are authorities in isogeometric analysis and widely cited researchers in the computer science field. The Coreform IGA solver is based on smooth CAD spline geometry, offering greater accuracy than the faceted meshes used in legacy CAE software. Coreform is also the exclusive commercial distributor of the Cubit meshing software. Coreform was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Utah, USA.

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