Coreform presents at NAFEMS 2023 World Congress

OREM, UTAH — Greg Vernon and Matt Sederberg attend NWC23 and present Coreform’s next-generation isogeometric analysis technology.

Published: 17 May 2023

The NAFEMS 2023 World Congress is being held this week in Tampa, FL. The Congress brings the global engineering simulation community together to create a cross-industry exchange of ideas, best practices, and information. Keynote speakers and presenters come from a range of industries and address the most urgent and salient topics for engineering simulation.

Coreform, represented by Chief Strategy Officer Matthew Sederberg and Director of Engineering Gregory Vernon, is in attendance. Our next-generation simulation technology allows users to get accurate results without cleaning, defeaturing, and meshing.

The conference includes representatives from FEA software developers, researchers, and users from around the world. The possibility of removing meshing from the simulation workflow is resonating with engineers in industries like automotive, defense, and additive manufacturing. Follow us on LinkedIn to get highlights and updates on the conference.

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