Coreform awarded DOE SBIR grant to enhance multiphysics simulation tools for nuclear reactor design

The competitive grant will all Coreform to incorporate isogeometric analysis technology and GPU capabilities into the MOOSE simulation framework.

Published: 20 July 2023

Coreform, a leading provider of commercial-grade software solutions for engineering and scientific simulation, announces its recent receipt of a highly competitive Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the United States Department of Energy (DOE). This grant will support an innovative project aimed at addressing key limitations in the Office of Nuclear Energy’s computer modeling and simulation tools for nuclear reactor design and testing.

The DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy has developed the powerful MOOSE platform which is frequently used for simulating both light-water and non-light water reactors. Coreform’s expertise in software development, coupled with the support of the DOE SBIR grant, will drive the successful integration of next-generation isogeometric analysis technology and GPU compatibility into the open-source MOOSE framework. These advancements will revolutionize nuclear reactor simulations, providing a more efficient, accurate, and user-friendly solution for the design and analysis of both light-water and non-light water reactors.

About Coreform LLC
Coreform develops next-generation computer-aided engineering software. Among Coreform’s founders are authorities in isogeometric analysis and widely cited researchers in the computer science field. The Coreform IGA solver is based on smooth CAD spline geometry, offering greater accuracy than the faceted meshes used in legacy CAE software. Coreform is also the exclusive commercial distributor of the Cubit meshing software. Coreform was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Utah, USA.

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