Coreform IGA: Enabling Commercial Application of IGA

Presented at the 16th U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics, within the Industrial Applications of IGA technical session on July 28, 2021.

Published: 4 August 2021

Coreform is developing a new isogeometric analysis solver, called Coreform IGA, based on our U-spline and Flex IGA technologies. We have been developing a full-stack suite of tools to bring the power of IGA to end-users, not just to IGA researchers. Our preprocessor Coreform Cubit and our isogeometric solver Coreform IGA are being integrated into a seamless workflow in order to bring the full power of IGA to users. To drive this effort, Coreform has partnered with industry-leading organizations via strategic projects. These projects are beginning to yield exciting results in private industry. Our partners provide some of their most challenging simulation analysis problems as well as insight into their workflow needs, and we develop IGA capabilities and workflows that enable the solution to those problems. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how Coreform Cubit and Coreform IGA, have been used to solve several of these problems.

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