Geomechanics simulation with Irazu and Coreform Cubit

Omid Mahabadi, President and CEO of Geomechanica Inc., will offer a demonstration of the use of Coreform Cubit to generate a mesh for geomechanics and show how it is used with Geomechanica's Irazu software.

Published: 4 June 2021

Coreform Cubit is a mesher and simulation preprocessor widely compatible with simulation codes across industries. Geomechanics is one industry where Coreform Cubit is heavily used, and the Irazu software produced by Geomechanica Inc. is one of the leading geomechanics codes.

On Thursday, July 29th at 9am MDT, Omid Mahabadi, President and CEO of Geomechanica Inc., will introduce the Irazu solver and demonstrate how Coreform Cubit can be used to generate optimal meshes for geomechanics simulations in Irazu. This webinar will be of interest to geomechanics analysts, users of Coreform Cubit, and simulation companies who will see the value of including Coreform Cubit in a production simulation workflow.

In this webinar, Dr. Mahabadi will introduce the major challenges that numerical modelling of rock deformation and failure poses, including the presence of heterogeneities and discontinuities (joints, faults), non-linear stress-strain response, and confinement-dependent behavior as well as generating high quality meshes, especially in the presence of discontinuities. He will provide a brief overview of the numerical methods commonly used in rock mechanics practice, together with their strengths and shortcomings. To overcome the limitations of conventional numerical methods, the finite-discrete element method (FDEM), as implemented in Geomechanica’s Irazu software will be introduced. Dr. Mahabadi will then provide a complete demo comprising mesh generation with Coreform Cubit and model building and analysis with Irazu. Finally, a number of practical case studies in surface and underground mining as well as civil engineering will be presented. These applications will demonstrate that large displacements and fracturing in discontinuous rock masses can be modeled in Coreform Cubit and simulated in Irazu without using complex constitutive models.

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