Coreform releases IGA technology in Coreform Cubit

OREM, UTAH — Coreform LLC, developer of next-generation computer-aided engineering software, announces the commercial release of its U-spline isogeometric analysis (IGA) modeling technology, now available in Coreform Cubit.

Published: 18 November 2021

Coreform LLC, the fastest-growing computer-aided engineering company on the Inc. 5000 2021, is releasing historic new technology in their latest version of Coreform Cubit. With the newest release, Coreform Cubit users can use U-spline isogeometric analysis (IGA) modeling technology in their engineering workflows. This is a significant addition to Coreform Cubit’s suite of advanced meshing tools for challenging simulations.

“It’s gratifying for us to put U-spline technology in the hands of our users,” says Coreform CEO Matthew Sederberg. “We’ve worked for this moment for years, and we have even more exciting developments planned for the future.”

The new IGA technology is compatible with existing IGA-enabled solvers such as LS-DYNA and Coreform IGA. The U-splines capability in the new release of Coreform Cubit is also leveraged in a new separately priced module called Coreform Lattice GC, fully-embedded in Coreform Cubit for high-quality lattice generation and slicing for 3D printing.

“Coreform Lattice GC is powerful and unique,” notes Gregory Vernon, Director of Product Development at Coreform. “Its smooth connected elements that flow with a part’s geometry lead to improved performance, and our integrated solution within Coreform Cubit’s familiar meshing interface provides immediate improvement to our customers’ workflows.”

A free trial of the software is available at

About Coreform LLC
Coreform develops next-generation computer-aided engineering software. Coreform’s founders are authorities in isogeometric analysis and are among the most widely cited researchers in the field. The Coreform IGA solver is based on smooth CAD spline geometry, offering greater accuracy than the faceted meshes used in legacy CAE software. Coreform is also the exclusive commercial distributor of the Cubit meshing software. Coreform was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Utah, USA.

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