Coreform Cubit Basics tutorial webinar: Hex meshing with Coreform Cubit

Advanced hex meshing techniques to take you to the next level

Published: 21 January 2021

Coreform’s webinar series will feature a tutorial in hex meshing on Tuesday, January 26th at 2pm. This free online instructional class is available to anyone, at all levels of interest in finite element analyis or isogeometric analysis.

In this webinar, Coreform Cubit expert Dr. Karl Merkley will demonstrate how to use advanced tools to create a hex mesh. Dr. Merkley will also be available for Q&A, so don’t miss the live stream. This webinar is developed for newer Coreform Cubit users and is ideal for students, but anyone is welcome to join.

“Hex meshing with Coreform Cubit” will cover some advanced techniques for creating high quality hex meshes in Cubit. We will briefly discuss why you may want a hexahedral mesh instead of a tetrahedral mesh and show meshing techniques on single part.

Registration closed

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If you’re interested in a deeper dive into isogeometric analysis theory, follow the online graduate course in IGA on our forum. Watch the intro video here!

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