Coreform Cubit Basics: Hex Meshing Fundamentals

Learning to use webcutting, imprint, and merge

Published: 30 July 2021

Coreform Cubit is used across industries for advanced meshing for challenging simulations. Coreform Cubit is especially well-known for its hexahedral (hex) meshing functionality. Hex meshes are preferred in many simulation applications because of their higher levels of robustness and fewer degrees of freedom (which leads to faster solve times) when compared to tetrahedral (tet) meshes. Preparing a hex mesh is as much art as science, and in this webinar, experienced Cubit user and Coreform Director of Product Management Greg Vernon will introduce several tips and rules of thumb for effectively creating hex meshes using Coreform Cubit, including webcutting, imprinting, and merging.

This event is geared toward those who have some familiarity with Coreform Cubit, but everyone is welcome to attend. A question and answer session will follow the webinar.

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