We are excited to welcome two new team members!

Published: 17 September 2020

Greg VernonDr. Karl Merkley

Following up on our unprecedented growth last year, and looking forward to launching the world’s first commercial IGA software, we are delighted to announce two exciting new team members.

Greg Vernon is a decorated mechanical engineer who spearheaded a collaboration between Coreform and Honeywell at Kansas City National Security Campus. His energy, breadth of knowledge, and experience with promoting IGA will be an important addition to Coreform.

Dr. Karl Merkley is one of the original architects of Cubit/Trelis meshing software, with more than twenty years of development experience. His expertise in simulation software, and particularly with our flagship Cubit/Trelis, is crucial to making the enhancements we have envisioned for the future.

We have brought Mr. Vernon and Dr. Merkley on for one reason: to help us give our customers the most reliable and versatile preprocessing and simulation software in the world. If you have any suggestions or feedback about anything else we can do to help us with that goal, please share it in the forum.

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