Coreform is now the exclusive worldwide distributor of Trelis/Cubit

Published: 5 November 2020

We have some big news!

Here at Coreform we have been developing and distributing Trelis (the commercial version of Sandia National Laboratories’ Cubit) for more than fifteen years. We are proud of this software and are always working to improve it

Today we are excited to announce that Coreform is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Cubit/Trelis! Ok, yes, we have been the de-facto exclusive distributor for about the last 15 years. But still, this is better.

First, this will allow us to rebrand Coreform Trelis as Coreform Cubit. Officially, that will happen later this month, so keep checking in. You’ll soon see an official announcement and website changes when the name change goes live.

You can also expect greater compatibility between Coreform Cubit and Sandia National Lab’s Cubit, as Coreform is now able to contribute back code enhancements more freely. And over time, you will begin to see the fruits of our committed investment in Coreform Cubit as a meshing software for the most difficult and complex simulation problems:

  • We will continue simplifying and automating the mesh generation process to save you time and money.
  • We will add our unique, next-generation spline capabilities to Coreform Cubit to future-proof your workflow.
  • We will offer a free Coreform Cubit Learn limited-use license to anyone wanting to use the software for non-commercial use.
  • We will offer special academic pricing for our university partners.

For discussion, questions, feedback, or anything else, visit the forum.

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