Dr. Michael Borden joins Coreform as VP of Simulation

Published: 7 February 2019

Orem, Utah, February 7, 2019 — Coreform is pleased to announce that on Dr. Michael Borden has joined Coreform as the VP of Simulation. Dr. Borden has been a contributing co-founder of Coreform for the past several years while as an assistant professor at North Carolina State University and Brigham Young University. Coreform's recent growth has enabled Dr. Borden to join the team full-time. Dr. Borden is internationally recognized in the field of isogeometric analysis; he received his PhD from Dr. Tom Hughes (the inventor of isogeometric analysis) at UT-Austin and also previously worked at Sandia National Laboratories.

"It's been a privilege to be associated with Coreform for several years and to contribute to its research and development. It is gratifying to now be able to focus all my time at the company and lead our solver development,� Dr. Borden said.

"The addition of Mike Borden to lead our simulation development team is a significant step forward for our company," said Coreform CEO Matt Sederberg. "We continue to seek additional hires for our technical team as we create the world's first native isogeometric analysis software."

To learn more about career opportunities at Coreform, visit https://coreform.com/company/careers.

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