New job openings at Coreform - May 2018

Published: 10 May 2018

Working at Coreform has been an amazing experience for all of us so far. Each day when we go to work we honestly feel like we are changing the world. Our technical leads have invested decades of foundational research and development in proving out the groundbreaking concepts that Coreform's new approach to CAE and CAD is based on.

Our CEO has spent his entire career introducing new technologies to a broad range of CAD industries, both at a previous startup and at the largest CAD company in the world. We all feel like everything in our careers has prepared us for this amazing opportunity to introduce a powerful new paradigm for integrated CAD and CAE. We've spent the last few years building out a strong technical foundation. Recently our funding has grown, and we need to add several world-class people to our team to bring our first products to market.

We hope you'll take a serious look at working here. It's taxing and intellectually challenging, but very meaningful. You'll see three job descriptions that describe skills that we need, but the reality is that we are still a small startup and it's hard to put anyone in a small, carefully described box, and your contributions will certainly outstride these job descriptions. Please visit the Coreform careers page to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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