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Published: 9 May 2017

At Coreform, we've been working for a few years (we previously called our company Isogeometrx) on laying the foundation for the commercial use of isogeometric analysis (IGA). IGA has been well-proven academically as an accurate and exciting field of finite element analysis (FEA).

IGA is more efficient and robust than traditional FEA.

IGA is sometimes called "next-gen" FEA because of its promise of higher accuracy and unification with CAD geometry. But IGA has lacked enabling technology to be seriously used in industry. And, while anyone associated with the CAD or CAE industries would agree at a high level that significant efficiencies would be gained if FEA was able to be performed directly on CAD geometry without first simplifying, approximating, and meshing the CAD, such a vision would require massive, fundamental change.

A path towards this unification of CAD and FEA is emerging from our work at Coreform. We're working on a first commercial step of bringing the accuracy benefits of IGA to existing FEA workflows. We've invented an enabling technology, U-splines, that has shown promising early results as a basis for improved simulation as well as potential for use in CAD. We will be publicly unveiling U-splines later this year. In the meantime, it's time to start talking more about what we're up to and the power of IGA. Check out our website to learn more, including:

We acknowledge and thank our strong foundation of commercial and government partners who are funding our development. If you need higher accuracy in your simulations than you�re currently getting from FEA, or tighter integration between CAD and CAE, and would like us to consider your requirements as we continue development, let�s talk!

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Matt Sederberg
Co-founder and CEO, Coreform LLC

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