csimsoft Releases Trelis 16.2

Introduces cubic elements, enhanced tet mesher, and deactivation

Published: 17 January 2017

AMERICAN FORK, UTAH, January 17, 2017 — csimsoft, a leading developer of simulation tools for computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis, today announced the release of Trelis 16.2. The latest version includes improvements to its meshing algorithms, graphical user interface, and exporters.

Meshing improvements to the tetmesher include new boundary recovery algorithms that increase the success of generating a tetrahedral mesh of complex geometries. A new deactivation option allows user to deactivate the Trelis license and moving the license to another computer. The IMPETUS export has been enhanced to export HEX64 elements and to specify whether all the elements are cubic or whether only the hexes on the outer boundary of the model will be cubic.

"Trelis continues to be the meshing tool of choice for high-quality meshing," said Paul Ressler, csimsoft Director of Sales and Marketing. "This latest version includes significant improvements to the Trelis core that make both hex and tet meshing even better."

About csimsoft

csimsoft is a leading developer of simulation tools for generating high-quality precision meshes for computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis. csimsoft, founded in 2004 to commercialize Sandia National Laboratory's Cubit software , is now the sole provider of the enhanced meshing tool, known as Trelis. csimsoft is headquartered in Utah. For more information, visit coreform.com

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