csimsoft's Trelis Provides Meshing Capability for SimulationForDesign Website

csimsoft and Fidesys technology combined into cloud-based solution for designers and engineers.

Published: 15 January 2015

AMERICAN FORK, UTAH, January 15, 2015 — csimsoft, a leading developer of simulation tools for the CFD and FEA communities, announced today that its mesh generation software, Trelis, is part of the SimulationForDesign (sim4design.com) website. The website was created by Fidesys, LLC to enable designers without simulation background to reliably evaluate structural performance (displacements and stresses) of design alternatives and make performance based design decisions early in the development cycle.

A key feature in the SimulationForDesign process is the robust automatic model meshing using csimsoft's Trelis software. The mesh is then used for strength analysis with the commercially proven Fidesys solver. "SimulationForDesign gives designers a quick and affordable way to test and compare design options for structural performance before committing to a specific design. The process therefore significantly reduces the development cycle," said Randy Morris, csimsoft's managing director. "csimsoft's high-end meshing and Fidesys's FEM solver are a powerful combination."

The analysis is done using Fidesys Online, Fidesys LLC's linear static structural solver embedded in an easy-to-use environment planned with consideration for the needs of designers, not simulation specialists. SimulationForDesign is accessible through standard browsers and does not require installation of any application on the designer's workstation.

Trelis is based on time-proven technology developed for more than two decades in conjunction with Sandia National Laboratories. Trelis also includes MeshGems Pre-CAD, CADSurf, and Tetra from Distene, the recognized world leader in triangle and tetrahedral meshing technologies. The combination of all three of these components provides our users with the best possible triangle and tetrahedral meshing solution.

For more information, visit www.sim4design.com

About csimsoft

csimsoft is a recognized developer of engineering simulation solutions for computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis. Having pioneered mesh creation algorithms in the late 1980s, csimsoft now provides end users and OEM partners with high-end geometry preparation and mesh generation solutions to many of the largest commercial and academic institutions worldwide. csimsoft is headquartered in American Fork, Utah.

About Fidesys

Fidesys LLC is a developer of multiplatform CAE Fidesys for strength analysis under large deformations and Fidesys Online for cloud enabled simulation. Fidesys has offices in Wyckoff, NJ and Moscow, Russia. Fidesys is a member of NAFEMS, the International Association for the Engineering Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Community.

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