csimsoft To Release Next Generation Cubit With New Name

New Cubit branch to focus on non-government user needs

Published: 15 May 2012

AMERICAN FORK, UTAH, May 15, 2012 — csimsoft, a leading provider of pre-processing tools for the CFD and FEA industries, announced today that it intends to release the next generation of the popular Cubit pre-processor under a new brand name. The name is to be announced in an event scheduled for July 27 in American Fork, Utah.

Based on the Cubit 13.2 code, csimsoft is adding functionality to specifically meet the needs of its growing CFD user base and to satisfy requests of its FEA users. "The Cubit code has been enhanced and improved for more than two decades," says Randy Morris, csimsoft Managing Director. "Now we're taking the code to an even higher level." The next generation product is to include improved support for solver formats; improved boundary layer meshing; and many other new features.

Since its beginning, Cubit has lead the industry in hexahedral meshing. It is distinguished by its robust geometry defeaturing tools and its ability to hex mesh extremely large, complex models. "We are committed to giving our users the ability to generate high-quality meshes," says Dr. Karl Merkley, Director of R&D. "We know their analysis depends on it. This next gen product represents a significant milestone for the CFD and FEA communities."

The next generation product will be available to current Cubit customers as a regular maintenance release.

About Cubit

The Cubit project began in 1991 at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Most of the csimsoft team participated in the early Cubit development. csimsoft co-founder Michael Stephenson and Sandia's Ted Blacker developed the original Cubit hex meshing algorithms and published their work in 1991. Another csimsoft co-founder, Ray Meyers, was Sandia's Cubit project lead from 1992-1994. The remaining members of the csimsoft engineering team have worked on the Cubit project for more than a decade, and, working closely with SNL, provided the majority of the Cubit development.

About csimsoft

csimsoft is a leading developer of pre-processing solutions for the computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis communities. csimsoft, founded in 2004 to commercialize the Cubit software, is now the exclusive developer of the next generation pre-processor. csimsoft is headquartered in Utah. (coreform.com)

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