Fidesys Collaborates with csimsoft for Russian CAE Software for Structural Analysis

Fidesys to integrate csimsoft meshing software

Published: 6 April 2012

MOSCOW, RUSSIA and AMERICAN FORK, UTAH, April 6, 2012 — The innovative Russian software developer, Fidesys, LLC has joined with Computational Simulation Software, LLC ("csimsoft"), a global leader in pre-processing software for CFD and FEA, to develop the next generation of FIDESYS, the first Russian-language, multi-purpose CAE software for high-end structural analysis.

FIDESYS is computer-aided engineering program designed to solve static and dynamic strength problems of stress and strain states of solids under finite strains. Cubit is a pre-processor used to create tetrahedral and hexahedral meshes that are used in finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics. "The combination of these two programs creates a powerful solution for CAE engineering professionals," said Paul Ressler, Director of Marketing at csimsoft. "We are thrilled to see our technology being deployed in such an innovative analysis tool."

According to Vladmir Levine, ScD professor at MSU and Fidesys CEO, FIDESYS is Russia's first analysis package of this level and will more fully meet the needs of the CAE market in Russia. Based on innovative technology developed at the Moscow State University, FIDESYS is gaining international recognition for its high accuracy of calculations and simulations due to utilization of new scientifically approved methods. The FIDESYS strength analysis package will be popular primarily among sectors worldwide that require strength analysis. "The main difference between our method and the Western one is that we use two calculation cores," says Anatoly Vershinin, a professor at MSU Engineering and Mathematics Department and one of the main project inspirers.

More information about FIDESYS can be found at

About Fidesys, LLC

Fidesys, LLC is dedicated to solving static and dynamic strength problems of stress and strain states of solids under finite strains. Fidesys is headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

About csimsoft

csimsoft is a leading developer of pre- and post-processing solutions for the computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis communities. csimsoft was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in American Fork, Utah.


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